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What is the best way to contact you?

The BEST way to reach me is by this website; under Contact Us or by text at 512-921-8447.


I have a certificate-voucher, how can I redeem it?

If you have a certificate please contact us via our website at

Where are you located?

Our photography studio is located in Wimberley, Texas.
We also have an EVENT based studio in Harlingen, Texas.

What days are you open for business?

We are open by appointment only. (No walk-ins).

What ages do you recommend?

10 months (or) sitting on their own, up to 12 years for girls, boys up to 8 years.

What does the photo session include?

Everything your child needs... the use of our wardrobe, accessories, props, wings, enchanted fairy garden.

Up to a 60 minute session plus our extensive education and expertise.

Do we have to purchase anything?

You are never obligated to purchase a thing, however if you do...we do have an entry level.

Because we specialize in Wall portraiture, your initial-minimum investment is of a 16x20 or larger. 

Do you offer smaller prints, digital files or photo packages?

After your initial/minimum investment we offer an A La Carte menu, Gift Portrait Packages..that include the traditional print sizes, storybook panels & slideshows. We do not offer digital files.

How long do you save the images/files?

Best thing to do is order your portraits during your view and order session. If you are not prepared to order them at that time. We normally hold them for 60 days after your session. Unless, we hear from you asking us to hold them for a little longer. (however, we can not guarantee they won't accidentally be deleted.) 

What type of payment do you accept? Cash, Debit, Major Credit Cards, No Checks.

Does the photo session fee include prints or digital files?
The photo session, sitting fee, photo shoot, creation session does NOT include any prints or digital files.

Do we get the digital files?

We realize there are shoot & burn photographers in our industry, respectfully that is their preference. However that is not ours.

What is the turn-around once I place my order.

Every image that you purchase will be treated like wall portraits, even the wallets.

So, depending on the time of the year it can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks. My goal is 4-6 weeks.

What is "Magic & Pixie Dust” ?

It's a make-over for little girls; Includes a light make-over, hair-styled and lots of sparkles of pixie dust on finger & toenails.

(not offered to teens or adults)

Do most people add “Magic and Pixie Dust”?

Yes! Most of our clients prefer to include “Magic & Pixie Dust” as part of the TOTAL EXPERIENCE.

She will love it!!! (99 % of our images on our website include "Magic & Pixie Dust")

"Magic & Pixie Dust"

If you are adding "Magic & Pixie Dust" to your photo session please arrive with CLEAN & DRY HAIR and we'll do the rest.

(Do not arrive with WET HAIR)

If you are NOT adding “Magic & Pixie Dust” PLEASE arrive ready to go.

PLEASE BE ON TIME, as this will cut into your photo shoot. Be prepared to reschedule your session if you are 30 minutes late. Weekends will not be an option if you need to reschedule.

What to Bring…

Shorts to wear underneath fairy dress, button down blouse or spaghetti top. DRY snacks for children under 2 years old

Do you have costumes for adults?

Our studio specializes in children photography. However, we do have a limited amount of costumes for women. We do not have wardrobe for older boys or men.

Do you have anything for boys?

Yes we do!!! We are so happy to offer the experience for boys too!!! 10 months or sitting on their own up to 8 years.

(We do not have wardrobe for older boys or men).

Can we view our images on the same day?

Yes, because most of our clients travel 1- 6 hours from our studio we automatically do a view and order session.

Please be prepared to spend a little more time with us.

We strongly recommend you bring someone that can watch over your child/children during this process as they tend to get restless about this time.